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Christmas is the biggest holiday celebrated all over the world bringing all cultures and nationalities together. It is the time when everyone feels able to sit back and relax and enjoy the season of goodwill and where fun and laughter are the themes.

The lead up to the Christmas period is starting sooner every year and although we try not to get too caught up in it, we are drawn in by the lovely shop displays, ornaments and the prospect of the festive season. We hear the gentle hum of “Santa Claus is coming…”

The artificial Christmas tree has increased in demand due to its price, convenience and now with so much innovative technology bringing the Christmas tree to life.

Artificial pine and fir trees, most are made of PVC. However, they can also come in aluminium and fibre optic versions which are a must if you want a contemporary look. PVC trees are fire retardant, however, should be noted they are not fire resistant.

We have a fantastic display of artificial Christmas trees in our showrooms (Opening 5th November for 2021) where you can come in and visualise how your room will look with one of these trees once decorated. We also carry a glittery variety of decorations which will add colour, fun and panache to any home, restaurant, hotel or other venues.

We also offer the convenience of online purchasing so you can browse our website, pick the tree of your choice, purchase and wait for it to be delivered FREE to your doorstep - how amazing is that?

Our Artificial Christmas Tree Philosophy

Looking for an artificial Christmas tree, that does not look artificial. stock the leading Christmas tree brands from the U.S.A and Europe at incredible prices.

OUTDOORLIVING, trading for over 10 years has really brought the artificial tree to the forefront in recent years. Having invested heavily in research we are confident we can bring a superb selection of artificial Christmas trees to the market.

Feedback from our customers is very important to us as it helps us to provide the best product to meet customer expectations. Interest in Artificial Christmas Trees has exploded as people are moving towards an easier option, with less hassle.We strive to source reputable suppliers so we are proud to stand over our products knowing they comply with all the required regulations.

The artificial Christmas tree is the gift that just keeps giving. Designed with so many amazing features such as pre-lit, un-lit, flocked, frosted, pine cones there is an expansive range. We stock the Bayberry spruce, fir, pine, cone, slim, pencil slim all manufactured to a high specification making this a long term investment. We sell all the accessories of white lights, coloured lights so you can decorate your space to look awesome and trendy.

Artificial Christmas Trees at OUTDOORLIVING covers an extensive range offering a tree to suit all tastes and budgets. We provide a range of heights from 4ft high right up to an impressive 14ft high. Given this selection, we have the tree that will fit that balcony, corner of the sitting room, supermarket, hotel or restaurant. Why not contact us on 01-8018000 and we can work together to create that magical and special ambience in your space.

The main advantages of an Artificial Christmas Tree:

  • Easy assembly and storage

  • No shedding

  • Realistic look and feel

  • Long term investment

  • Ecologically sound as no trees need to be cut down

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Our mission statement on Artificial Christmas Trees is to sell real looking artificial trees at great prices.